Monday, January 7, 2013

First Plane Ride-- layover in Baltimore

     Oh my word- definitely not as petrifying as I thought it would be. I think I can attribute most of my terrifying thoughts to media. The worst part was waiting before taking off. Once we started to move and take off, my nerves actually subsided a bit. What really calmed me down was looking out and seeing the gleaming white clouds which looked like whisps of cotton candy strands. Being able to see clouds from the other side was definitely a neat experience. Whenever I look up at the sky and see clouds, I usually see darkness. But being UP in the sky, and looking DOWN on those clouds gives me an entirely new perspective.
     I am going to be cliche and say that the world truly is such a large place, waiting to be explored. Looking down on the ground made me realize- there are people leading their own daily lives, not giving a second thought as to where the airplane overhead is going, and why the passengers are on the flight. Its such an eye opener. Yes, people know that others go about their daily lives, but does anyone truly sit down and think about it? Think about how the world continues to turn despite whatever it is you're doing at the time.

     The world never stops, so why should we?

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  1. Rose, so exciting to read of your adventures. On a much smaller scale, I think of people going about their daily lives as I drive by houses in the evening and can see for a brief second into the windows of living rooms and kitchens when the lights are on and their windows don't have curtains... that I'm heading to whereever and I wonder what they are doing inside the warm comfort of their homes. It's amazing how life keeps going, while one person is in a hospital bed, another may be giving birth, another is having lunch in the cafeteria, none thinking about what the others are doing. Keep posting.